June is peak blueberry season across most of the country, and these little berries pack a big punch when it comes to our health. Recent studies from Purdue University indicate that two compounds – anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins – which are in abundance in blueberries, are effective against the loss of nerve cell function in the brain, brought on by Parkinson’s disease.

The study indicates that blueberries may protect human brain performance and reduce the risk of contracting Blueberries in wooden bowl and spoon on boardParkinson’s disease. Other research shows that blueberries contain helpful compounds that work together to fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, age-related diseases and diabetes.

Researchers recommend a cup of blueberries a day. In addition to healthy antioxidants, these tiny berries contain vitamins A and C, fiber and manganese.

The added bonus is that these tiny little gems that are so healthy are also so delicious!

Look for blueberry farmers near you or find blueberries at your local farmers market or grocery store.